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Literacy course

Learning Latin script and the German language - literacy course

A literacy course helps immigrants who have either never learned to read and write in their mother tongue or who come from a language area with a completely different written language (e.g. Arabic). The course, which lasts a maximum of 1,300 lessons, is designed to help them learn the Latin script.

Course structure

  • Language course
  • Orientation course
Final examination DTZ (A2-B1)  
900 teaching units (45 min. each) 1. basic course 1 A1
can be extended to up to 1200 units 2. basic course 2 A1
  3. basic course 3 A1
  4. advanced course (A) 1 A2
  5. advanced course (A) 2 A2
  6. advanced course (A) 3 A2
  7. advanced course (B) 1 B1
  8. advanced course (B) 2 B1
  9. advanced course (B) 3 B1
Final test "Leben in Deutschland"
100 teaching units (à 45 min.)  

Further information

Participation fees:

  • Free of charge for migrants
  • In many cases the participation costs are financed by the state, otherwise € 220 per module (100 hours) (50% of the costs can be reimbursed after the end of the course under certain conditions).

Travel costs :

  • Reimbursement or subsidy possible! We will help you and make necessary applications for you.

Learning material costs:

  • The BSB provides all learning materials, except textbooks, free of charge to all participants.

Helpful links:

Learn German - BAMF flyer

Information on the integration course in 33 languages

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Background to the literacy course

The first group mentioned (people who are also illiterate in their mother tongue) clearly dominates the number of participants in this course. This has something to do with the lack of educational opportunities in the migrants' countries of origin. In some cases, children there do not attend school at all or only sporadically. In addition, there are illiterate people all over the world - even in countries with an excellent education system - but they are a very small minority. The participants in this course now need to master the double challenge of literacy and language acquisition within their integration course. However, it is important to master German as a written language as well, because only then is genuine participation in social life possible. For the next generation, i.e. the children of the immigrants, the skills of their parents are also very important, because significantly more intra-family support comes from them if they know the spoken language and written language.

How is participation in the literacy course decided upon?

There is a placement procedure for our integration courses. This includes a test that also determines your abilities in the written language and thus the possible need for literacy training. Within the course, you will learn the German written language at CEFR level A2, which will help you make significant progress in everyday life.

The test result differentiates between the three groups of second language learners and primary and functional illiterates:

  • Second language learners have mastered the writing system in their mother tongue, they only need to learn the Latin script.
  • Primary illiterates have never attended school, but basically have no problem learning a written language.
  • Functional illiterates have a basic problem with learning a written language and need special support.


Frequently asked questions:

Where does the course take place?

Our courses take place at our locations in Herdentorswallstraße 93 in 28195 Bremen or in Findorffstraße 14-16 in 28215 Bremen.

At our location in Findorffstraße 14-16 you can also receive childcare to accompany your integration course.

When does the next course start?

Our integration courses start regularly (about once a month).

See our course overview for exact dates

When do the classes take place?

Our integration courses take place during the week in the mornings and afternoons. For more information, see our current course overview.

How long does an application take?

Generally, about three to four weeks elapse between the application to the BAMF and course participation.

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Our current courses

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About us

The BSB Erwachsenenbildung GmbH is your specialist for integration courses of all kinds, which include German language courses, literacy courses in German, parent integration courses and courses with childcare.  We also carry out “Deutschtests für Zuwanderer” (German tests for immigrants.)  Our language courses conclude with the B1 certificate of proficiency.

ESF project "Literacy for Prisoners in the JVA Bremen/Bremerhaven" funded by the Senator for Economics, Labour and Europe with financial resources from the European Social Fund and the State of Bremen.

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