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Integration Courses

Funded basic offer – integration course

The integration course is a basic course funded by the German state. It serves both linguistic and political education for migrants. The entire integration process begins with this course, after which you will be able to act independently in your daily life without outside help.

Course Structure

  • Language course
  • Orientation course
Final examination DTZ (A2-B1)  
600 teaching units (à 45 min.) 1. basic course 1 A1
  2. basic course 2 A1
  3. basic course 3 A2
  4. advanced course 1 A2
  5. advanced course 2 B1
  6. advanced course 3 B1
Final test "Leben in Deutschland"
100 teaching units (45 min. each)  

Further information

Participation fees:

  • Free of charge for migrants
  • In many cases the participation costs are financed by the state, otherwise € 229 per module (100 hours) (50% of the costs can be reimbursed after the end of the course under certain conditions).

Travel costs :

  • Reimbursement or subsidy possible! We will help you and make necessary applications for you.

Learning material costs:

  • The BSB provides all learning materials, except textbooks, free of charge to all participants.

Helpful links:

Learn German - BAMF flyer

Information on the integration course in 33 languages

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Differentiated system for the integration course

The German state supports eight types of integration courses, which leads to a differentiated course system. The most frequently attended course is the general integration course, which in the standard case comprises 700 hours of instruction (in the usual duration of 45 minutes each). 600 of these teaching hours include language acquisition, 100 teaching hours are allotted to the orientation course. The integration course can be extended or, in the case of particularly good skills, shortened.

Language course

In the language course you will acquire German language skills at CEFR level B1 (CEFR = Common European Framework of Reference). With this level, you can cope with most everyday situations. For comparison: students reach this level in English classes in the 9th to 10th grade. Before reaching the B1 level, you will take the levels A1 and A2, which teach elementary language use.

You will acquire German language skills in these areas up to level B1:

  • Living
  • Shopping
  • Health
  • Child care and education
  • mobility
  • Work and education

The content was developed by the Goethe-Institut, which occasionally adapts it to new requirements.

Orientation course

Following language acquisition, the last component of the integration course in Bremen is the orientation course, which lasts 100 hours. Topics include the German culture and legal system, the history of our country, our most important constitutional principles, our religious diversity and tolerance as well as the equal position of women, men and persons who do not assign themselves to a clear gender. The orientation course is designed to familiarise you with our social values.


Frequently asked questions:

Where does the course take place?

Our courses take place at our location Hutfilterstr. 24-26.

When does the next course start?

Our integration courses start regularly (about once a month).

See our course overview for exact dates

When do the classes take place?

Our integration courses take place during the week in the mornings and afternoons. For more information, see our current course overview.

How long does an application take?

Generally, about three to four weeks elapse between the application to the BAMF and course participation.

Registration form for integration course

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Our current courses

Here you will find an overview of our current course dates. If you have any questions, we will help you by phone, email or via our contact form.

About us

The BSB Erwachsenenbildung GmbH is your specialist for integration courses of all kinds, which include German language courses, literacy courses in German, parent integration courses and courses with childcare.  We also carry out “Deutschtests für Zuwanderer” (German tests for immigrants.)  Our language courses conclude with the B1, B2 or C1 certificate of proficiency.

ESF project "Literacy for Prisoners in the JVA Bremen/Bremerhaven" funded by the Senator for Economics, Labour and Europe with financial resources from the European Social Fund and the State of Bremen.

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