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ESF project "Literacy for prisoners in the JVA Bremen/Bremerhaven"

The BSB Erwachsenenbildung GmbH has been the implementing agency of the ESF project "Literacy for Prisoners in the JVA Bremen/Bremerhaven" (correctional Institution) since 2021.

The target group of the project is all inmates with support requirements in the area of German as a foreign language as well as prisoners who cannot read and write sufficiently (low-literate adults).

The aim of the project is to improve competences in the respective support area and thus increase the chances of reintegration in the sense of resocialisation after the release of the prisoners.
The BSB Erwachsenenbildung GmbH has set up a regular diagnostic procedure in the prison to determine the respective support needs, which interested prisoners in the various departments can take advantage of.
In order to be able to offer support measures in regular formats that are as tailored as possible, several courses have been set up that are at different support levels. In these courses, the diagnosed inmates are offered differentiated instruction in small learning groups. The instruction focuses on the individual learning development of the participants and thus enables needs- and goal-oriented support for adult prisoners in correctional facilities in Bremen and Bremerhaven.

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The BSB Erwachsenenbildung GmbH is your specialist for integration courses of all kinds, which include German language courses, literacy courses in German, parent integration courses and courses with childcare.  We also carry out “Deutschtests für Zuwanderer” (German tests for immigrants.)  Our language courses conclude with the B1 certificate of proficiency.

ESF project "Literacy for Prisoners in the JVA Bremen/Bremerhaven" funded by the Senator for Economics, Labour and Europe with financial resources from the European Social Fund and the State of Bremen.

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Das Projekt Alphabetisierungskurse, Diagnostik und Sensibilisierungsschulung in der JVA Bremen und BHV wird durch die Senatorin für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Europa aus Mitteln des Landes und des Europäischen Sozialfonds gefördert.

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